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        Heavy Duty Plastic Locker T-R385XXL/4: HDPE, Durable, Circular

        Heavy Duty Plastic Locker T-R385XXL/4: HDPE, Durable, Circular

        Heavy Duty Plastic Locker T-R385XXL/4: HDPE, Durable, Circular

        Short Description

        Model No.: T-R385XXL/4 Hits: 98

        Every unit of heavy duty plastic Locker T-H385XXL/4 contains 10 seeds of 4 door HDPE lockers(total 40 doors), it could also flexibly combined with 1 door, 2 doors, 6 doors and 8 doors lockers as a unit; this HDPE locker has unique advantages of water-resistant, UV proof, durable, rustproof and nearly unbreakable. These plastic lockers are ideally used as water-park lockers, swimming pool lockers, factory lockers, beach lockers and events rental lockers.
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        Key Specifications / Features

        Circular Beach Locker Feature:
        • UV stable - with a range of anti-fade colours to choose from
        • 6P: waterproof, corrosion proof, vandal proof, ice-spray proof, bacterial proof, UV proof (grade-8)
        • Adjustable shelves create various and ample storage space
        • Multiple locksets choices meet the requirement for different security needs.
        • Easy to clean and extremely low maintenance, washable
        • Flexible arrangements - easy to be stacked up and placed side by side
        • Eco-friendly, recyclable, healthy
        • Temperature endurable: -40℃-80℃, good for outdoor usage
        • Proven strength and durability- backed up by our 20 years' warranty
        Item No.: T-R385XXL/4
        Material: high-density polyethylene
        Dimension (One door):
        Dimension(One unit):
        Diameter: 1.4m, height: 2.2m
        Standard Colour:
        Locker carcass: gray;
        Locker door available in red, yellow, navy blue, light blue, coffee and green
        Multiple Locking Solutions - Simple, Secure and Quality Assured
        Keyless Lock (4-digit combination lock), Key Lock, Digital Electronic Lock (RFID lock, number lock), Hasp (for padlock), Coin Lock and more
        Available Accessories
        Base, rooftop, trolley wheel, stainless steel dumber plate, shelf, hanging rod, hook


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